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Chrysanthemum stone

Chrysanthemum stone

Chrysanthemum stone is about 270 million years old. It is a dark gray to black limestone matrix, andalusite crystal is chrysanthemum shape, containing selenium, heavy ions, gold, silver, bismuth and other 10 kinds of trace E lements.

The black rock itself is limestone. Although limestone is generally lighter in color, it is quite dark because it contains a lot of organic carbon. The white pattern on the rock is made up of rare crystals celestine(or celestite). The rock dates from the Permian period, when many parts of China were located on offshore or underwater plateaus.

Our Chrysanthemum Stone Products

Chrysanthemum Stone is an interesting Stone, and everyone is unique. These black and white gems have a calming energy that helps you feel centered.
This lovely energy will bring joy and childlike joy to your life. The saying 'be fully present' applies to this stone because it helps you to be in the moment.

How to use chrysanthemum stone?

There are some very effective ways to use chrysanthemum stone, they are very easy to do. First place the stone under the pillow.
Put it in your pocket when you wake up. Keep it on you in whole day.
After a few days, you will find that you wake up feeling a surge of joy and happiness.
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