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China gemstones factory outlet. Sell natural semi precious gemstones. Earrings stones, Pendant stones, Cabochons, Raw gemstones and Mineral specimens.
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Nugget earrings color
Multicolor(14) White(34) Green(25) Yellow(9) Brown(13) Purple(9) Clear(34) Orange(21) Black(11) Red(7) Gray(5) Pink(4) Blue(22)
Leaf earrings color
Blue(45) Gray(19) Multicolor(92) Pink(9) Yellow(20) Orange(4) White(11) Black(2) Red(9) Brown(12) Green(22)
Nugget pendants color
Purple(30) Yellow(16) Green(33) Brown(13) White(22) Clear(23) Black(9) Gray(13) Blue(20) Pink(3) Multicolor(25)
Cabochon Gemtype
Agate(195) Amazonite(25) Amethyst(45) Apatite(5) Aquamarine(6) Aventurine(3) Chrysocolla(27) Chrysoprase(21) Coral(43) Fluorite(10) Fossil(43) Garnet(5) Jasper(423) Kyanite(14) Labradorite(112) Lapis Lazuli(26) Larimar(16) Malachite(11) Moonstone(13) Obsidian(14) Opal(134) Prehnite(20) Quartz(38) Rhodochrosite(16) Rhodonite(9) Sodalite(8) Sugilite(33) Sunstone(15) Tourmaline(7) Turquoise(133) Others(72) black agate(5) blue lace agate(9) crazy lace agate(47) moss agate(4) red agate(51) Jade(7) chouhua jasper(6) mookaite jasper(32) multicolor picasso jasper(107) mushroom jasper(50) ocean jasper(34) picture jasper(22) red river jasper(21) Us biggs jasper(81) green opal(19) pink opal(25) yellow opal(13) Peridot(2) rose quartz(3) Ruby and zoisite(15) Serpentine(5) Tiger's eye(10)
Nugget earrings shape
Slice(113) Sticks(34) Raw beads(32) One side polished(10)
Nugget pendants shape
Stick(17) Slice(40) Crystal cluster(16) Raw(65) One side polished(58)
Cabochon Color
Black(35) Blue(180) Brown(205) Clear(88) Cream(29) Gray(174) Green(190) Multicolor(395) Orange(50) Pink(56) Purple(96) Red(75) Sheen(61) White(29) Yellow(56)
Cabochon Shape
Faceted(31) Heart(21) Marquise(26) Oval(297) Rectangle(122) Round(145) Square(80) Teardrop / Pear(248) Triangle(96) Others / Fancy(517) Raw(43)
Cabochon Length
1-5mm(3) 6-10mm(99) 11-15mm(180) 16-20mm(400) 21-25mm(343) 26-30mm(235) 31-35mm(141) 36-40mm(115) 41+mm(184)
Cabochon Color
White(2) Multicolor(6) Gray(1) Sheen(22) Blue(9) Red(1) Clear(1) Black(5) Pink(2) Green(26)
Cabochon shape
Oval(2) special shapes(25) Round(7) Rectangle(3) Heart(2) Square(3)
Slab earrings color
Blue(83) Black(67) White(34) Pink(19) Purple(46) Green(107) Clear(42) Gray(54) Yellow(34) Brown(22) Multicolor(46) Red(12) Cream(25) Orange(20) Sheen(25)
Slab earrings shape
Round(40) Others(126) Teardrop(171) Rectangle(50) Triangle(44) Tie shape(7) Oval(105) Marquise(22) Heart(5) Square(4)
Long earrings color
Green(19) Blue(24) Multicolor(18) Yellow(25) Gray(24) Black(10) Purple(7) Clear(6) Orange(7) Red(6) Pink(7) Brown(15) Cream(9) White(9)
Long earrings shape
Marquise(6) Teardrop(44) Rectangle(36) Oval(25) Others(28) Triangle(26) Tie shape(10) Trapezoid(6)
Intarsia earrings color
Blue(103) Black(96) Green(41) White(37) Purple(14) Gray(73) Brown(34) Pink(28) Orange(15) Yellow(45) Red(44)
Intarsia earrings shape
special shapes(73) Oval(12) Heart(7) Tie shape(4) Rectangle(36) Round(26) Trapezoid(10) Triangle(12) Square(2) Teardrop(41)
Carved earrings color
Pink(24) Green(25) Multicolor(19) Clear(8) White(18) Purple(1) Blue(23) Yellow(5) Gray(10) Black(7) Red(11) Brown(7) Orange(2)
Carved earrings shape
flower(76) animal(17) others(59) Cross(9)
Drilled pendant color
Sheen(25) Multicolor(61) Green(42) White(14) Brown(25) Black(12) Purple(19) Gray(50) Blue(30) Orange(12) Red(16) Pink(16) Clear(21) Yellow(19)
Drilled pendant shape
special shapes(119) Teardrop(81) Heart(19) Oval(26) Triangle(46) Rectangle(29) Round(12)
Drilling way
front drill(177) side drill(130) double drill(11) center drill(9) large hole(1)
Type of agate
Moss Agate(31) Stripe Agate(4) Others(63) Red Agate(52) Brazil Agate(6) White Agate(8) Blue Lace Agate(26) Puple Agate(4) Crazy Lace Agate(21) Madagascar Agate(1) Bamboo Agate(5) Black Agate(4) Green Agate(4) Orange Agate(1) Turtle Agate(1) Warring States Red Agate(6) Drusy Agate(1)
Agate earrings shape
Teardrop(41) special shapes(55) Stick(25) Round(9) Oval(43) Raw(36) Triangle(9) Rectangle(14) Heart(4)
Type of jasper
Mookaite Jasper(24) Red River Jasper(24) Picture Jasper(77) Multi-color Picasso Jasper(75) Rainbow Jasper(17) Chohua Jasper(63) Orbicular Rhyolite Bird Eye(10) Unakite Jasper(4) Mushroom Jasper(16) Ocean Jasper(47) Snow Flake Jasper(4) Poppy Jasper(17) Wave Jasper(4) Leopard Skin Jasper(1) Frag Eye Jasper(2) Others(60)
Jasper earrings shape
special shapes(136) Heart(10) Rectangle(85) Oval(48) Triangle(22) Round(13) Raw(7) Marquise(4) Teardrop(119)
Type of Opal
Pink Opal(24) Green Opal(26) Arborization Opal(13) Yellow Opal(5) Boulder Opal(5) Blue Opal(12)
Opal earrings shape
Heart(5) Teardrop(27) Raw(15) Carved(1) Oval(10) Rectangle(7) Triangle(3)
Turquoise earrings shape
Oval(9) Rectangle(4) Raw(6) special shapes(25) Teardrop(14)
Cabochon gem type
Opal(24) Labradorite(1) Lapis Lazuli(24) Quartz(2) Jasper(4) Others(7) Coral,Fossil(1) Malachite(12) malachite(11) obsidian(10) Amazonite(2) Obsidian(3) Argentina Rhodochrosite(1)
Earrings gem type
cymophane(5) Amethyst(34) African Sodalite(5) Chrysocolla(30) Obsidian(60) Labradorite(44) Amazonite(31) Others(75) Fossil, Coral, Shell(47) Lapis Lazuli(41) Prehnite(8) Kyanite(23) Opalite(13) Serpentine(28) Quartz(7) Moonstone(7) Tourmaline(6) Chrysoprase(10) Tiger Eye(13) Sunstone(20) Jade(10) Red River(7) Blue Apatite(4) Ruby And Zoisite(32) Fluorite(13)
Leaf earrings gem type
African Sodalite(6) Labradorite(8) Opal(16) Jasper(48) Agate(13) Amazonite(85) Chrysocolla(12) Howlite(2) Amethyst(3) Fluorite(2) Lapis Lazuli(23) Others(13)
Gem type
Garnet(1) Turquoise(1) Wood Fossil(2) Chrysanthemum stone(2) Opal(3) Agate(6) Jasper(1) Ruby(2) Moonstone(1) Amethyst(3) Coral(2) Prehnite(1) Diopside(2) Quartz(3) Pyrite(4) Labradorite(1) Kyanite(1) Blue apatite(1) Fluorite(1) Peridot(3)
Mineral Gemtype
Agate(87) Amethyst(47) Azurite(3) Babingtonite(10) Calcite(7) Chalcopyrite(16) Chrysanthemum stone(28) Chrysocolla(15) Coral(6) Creedite(11) Crystal Cluster(52) Emerald(104) Epidote(2) Fluorite(43) Fossil(1) Garnet(5) Hemimorphite(32) Howlite(1) Jasper(25) Kyanite(5) Larimar(7) Malachite(38) Opal(12) Pyrite(27) Quartz(119) Rhodochrosite(1) Ruby(38) Tourmaline(78) Turquoise(36) Others(85)
Gemstones, Hematite and Obsidian Intarsia Elongated Rectangle Earrings Beads,  38x5x5mm, 4.4-5.5g Sale
$15.80 $22.80
(0) (1)
Green Opal Drilled Teardrop stone Earrings Beads, 33x19x4mm, 6.9-7.6g Sale
Multi-Color Picasso Jasper long oval Earrings Beads, 41x11x5mm, 6.5-7.1g Sale
4 kinds of color, cymophane Drilled Round Earrings Bead, 40x40x8mm, hole 12mm, 32.3-35.7g Sale
(1) (1)
Wholesale carved earrings pair, Pink Conch Shell Carved Flower and Starfish Sale
(1) (2)
Quartz With Pyrite Gemstone Specimen 68X78X52mm,88g Sale
$29.80 $9.80
Quartz With Pyrite Gemstone Specimen 53x36x30mm,32g Sale
$15.80 $15.80
Quartz Gemstone Specimen 50x55x43mm,55g Sale
$15.80 $15.80
Natural Labradorite Round Earrings Beads, stone for earrings making, 14x5mm, 3g Sale
Natural Labradorite Teardrop Earrings Beads, stone for earrings making, 23x11x4mm, 3.2g Sale
Heart Shape Dyed Red Agate Earrings beads, for earrings making, 30x5mm, 16.5g Sale
Heart Shape Dyed Blue Agate Earrings beads, for earrings making, 29x5mm, 13.8g Sale
Dyed Orange stripe Agate Oval Earrings beads, for earrings making, 33x18x5mm, 9.8g Sale
Dyed Green Stripe Agate Oval Earrings beads, for earrings making, 20x15x4mm,3.7g Sale
New Charoite Teardrop Gemstone Cabochon, 43x29x7mm, 14.1g Sale
$3/pc, wholesale natural Moon stone beads sets, 20x9x3mm,8x8x3mm Sale
Natural rare mushroom agate nugget gemstone specimen, 30x24x23mm, 13.5g Sale
Natural crystal Gemstone Spicemen, 29x8x8mm, 2.9g Sale
Red River Jasper and Labradorite Intarsia Gemstone Earring Bead, 42x14x5mm, 8.8g Sale
Sale 5 Pcs Natural nugget Amethyst Gemstone Pendant Bead Set, 45x23x19mm,32x26x20mm,98.4g Sale
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