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Agate earrings stone

Shop natural Agate drilled earrings stone pairs for Agate drop earrings design or making.
Because of its translucency and magnificent banded and layered patterns, Agate is one of the most popular stones in the gemstone industry. The stone is a variety of chalcedony that can either have greasy to vitreous luster, and is also famous for its grain fineness and wide array of color variations including black, blue, brown, gray, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow. Agate fashioned into and used as ornamental stones, particularly as gemstones, in making jewelries is dated back to the ancient times thousands of years ago. Because of the stone’s intrinsically unique splendor and durability--with a hardness level of 7 on the Mohs scale--its fame in the gemstone and jewelry industry still thrives up to today. In fact, Agate stones nowadays are polished, cut and carved into dainty beads, cabochons, and other loose stones to be used widely in making designer jewelry pieces including necklaces and pendants, bracelets, rings, brooches, and most especially earrings.
Our shop is your one-stop online store for all your jewelry-making needs, including high quality earrings stones. Our Agate earrings stones do not only have splendid colors and color plays, but also unique bands and patterns. Among our popular Agate earrings stone materials are bamboo Agate, black Agate, blue lace Agate, brazil Agate, crazy lace Agate, green Agate, moss Agate, purple Agate, red Agate, warring states red Agate, and white Agate. Aside from their brilliant saturation and pattern variations, our collection of Agate earrings stones also come in equally cool and exciting shapes and forms that are available in either highly polished or fashionably druzy textures. Among our wide selection of shapes and designs are simple geometrical shapes--of oval, rectangle, teardrop and triangle--and fancy shapes like fish, flower, tie, leaf and starfish to name a few. Our best-selling Agate earrings stones include the fish-shaped crazy lace Agate, and teardrop and tie-shaped blue lace Agate earrings stones, which all have unique lacy patterns that are both fashionable and classy. Most items in this collection come in perfectly symmetrical pairs, but we also have slightly asymmetrical pairs to cater to the trending mismatched fashion style. Although most of our Agate earrings stones have domed and semi-domed faces. we also have faceted Agate earrings stones that interestingly look like conch shells in patterns containing dainty purple and brown streaks.
Perfect for making drop earrings, our Agate earrings stones are already drilled in order to save our customers effort and time in drilling the stones themselves. As we aim to give only the best products and services to our customers, we do not only offer premium quality Agate earrings stones but also the most fashionable and in-trend so they do not fail to give any jewelry enthusiast the ‘wow factor’ that they deserve. Our Agate earrings stones collection has over a hundred options to choose from to make sure that every jewelry designer’s ideal piece is achieved. From the lacy variety for the classy and more feminine, to the specially and creatively hand-carved ones for the adventurous and laid back, our shop has everything when it comes to our customers’ earrings-making needs.
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