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Amazonite cabochons

Shop Amazonite Cabochons gemstones for jewelry design or making, natural Amazonite Cabochons loose stones for sale online.
High-quality Amazonite cabochons with varying sizes and shapes are available.
Amazonite gemstones are named after the Amazon River. Generally, they have green to blue-green hues, and are commonly referred to as the aqua-colored variety of microcline feldspar, which pigmentation is brought about by the small traces of water and lead in it.
Most of our Amazonite--sometimes called Amazon Stone--cabochons have attractive teal color that is vibrant but soothing to the eyes at the same time. They are also mostly highly-polished with smooth faces, except for the teardrop-shaped and pentagon-shaped Amazonite cabochons that relatively have beautiful rough textures.
These aqua-colored cabochons are perfect for making earrings, bracelets, necklaces and necklace pendants, and other jewelry pieces as they make beautiful embellishments for simple yet classy looks.
Anyone who wears a jewelry piece made of Amazonite stones will surely walk with confidence and a light aura. Aside from its intrinsic beauty, the Amazonite stone is also believed to possess great healing property, especially when it comes to eliminating stress, healing traumas and easing energies in workplace or at home. Because it is considered as a “lucky stone”, Amazonite cabochons are perfect for making charm jewelries. Interestingly, these do not only suit women, but men as well.
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