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Amazonite earrings stone

Shop natural Amazonite drilled earrings stone pairs for Amazonite drop earrings design or making.
One of the oldest semi-precious stones used in making jewelries, Amazonite has been making its name through its intrinsic brilliance and magnificence. The stone derived its name after the Amazon River as this stone was discovered to be used by Amazon’s women warrior to embellish their shields, heal wounds and cure sickness. Sometimes referred to as the Amazon Stone,the Amazonite stone is a member of the feldspar mineral group that usually exhibits beautiful light green to light blue green hues--but it can also appear in other tones like yellow, white, colorless, pink, red or grey. Although Amazonite makes beautiful jewelries and body embellishments, the stone is relatively soft, with a score of 6 in the Mohs scale, which makes it perfect for making jewelries that are not prone to strong abrasions and impacts like earrings.
Our shop offers premium-quality Amazonite earring stones in different sizes that are carved in different exciting shapes and designs. Our best-sellers include specially-carved Amazonite earring stones that look like chess pawns, leaf-shaped, snake-shaped, carved Buddha, sticks, flowers and fish to name a few, but this collection features a lot more exciting shapes which can easily be found through page. Our Amazonite earring stones come in shades of powder blue, yellowish-brown, and red with dainty patterns and streaks truly add to the stones’ overall aesthetics.
Our Amazonite earring stones usually have top holes which make them just perfect for making attractive drop or dangle earring pairs.
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