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Amethyst earrings stone

Shop Amethyst drilled earrings stone matched pair for Amethyst earrings design or making.
Go from casual to classy with the mesmerizing looks of our Amethyst Earrings Stone Collection. Amethyst is a gemstone that falls under the quartz umbrella. Ranging from soft hues of lavender to rich violet tone, amethyst gives a whole new twist to your look.
Known to have healing properties and stress-relieving powers, Amethyst gemstones aren’t just pretty faces. The Amethyst Earrings Collection features pairs owning different styles having its distinct shade of violet. Each pair was crafted to fit every fashionista’s standards.
Topped with a smooth finish, these amethyst earrings are excellently designed that you can see the beautiful purple hue of each pair. Each piece displays its distinct shade and just-right mixture of light and dark purple that it’s enough to be the star of your whole look. Featuring various shapes ranging from round, oval, teardrop, leaf-type, or irregular, each earring has the perfect size that can hang freely and comfortably on your ears.
With each display of the relaxing shade of purple, you would be reminded of nature with just one sight of the beautiful collection. You won’t feel like your ears are carrying gemstones as each piece is as light as a feather. These dangling beauties will easily make you a head-turner.
The Amethyst Earrings Collection features pieces that are perfect for numerous occasions, even on a casual stroll in the park. Whether you’re feeling fancy or want to achieve a beachy vibe, this collection has what every fashion aficionado needs.
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