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Animal Figurines

Our shop offers the best unique animal figurines that are just perfect for your office or house beautification. Our great selection of collectible animal figurines feature animal figures that have been delicately carved and shaped to create the perfect resemblance of the animals they represent using different gem types. Some are highly polished into glassy luster, and some have light traces of roughness in them--yet are equally fashionable and splendid. Whether transparent or translucent, or even splendidly opaque, our shop got a lot in store for you.
Our animal figurines are made available in different shades, so that it would match different office or room ambiances and shades no matter what animal figure our customers desire to have. Among our featured figurines are angel beauty, bear, Buddha, cat, lion, tiger, mouse, rabbit, squirrel, frog, horse, turtle and many others, which are believed to possess and give good lucks to their users. Big or small spaces, our animal figurines come in different sizes to suit just all of your design requirements. Most of them are also carved with own flat bases, so we can guarantee they are perfectly balanced and made to stand.
Among our best-sellers are also the dog figurine with sheen appearance, lion and owl.
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