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Aventurine earrings stone

Shop Aventurine drilled earrings stone pairs for Aventurine earrings design or making.
Aventurine, a compound of mica from quartz, exists in different colors. Among the colors of this stone that makes it even more interesting are green, red, and orange. One of the most notable features of Aventurine is its glistening shine which is more evident under light. So if you’re into shiny and shimmering pieces, you might want to start giving your attention to these Aventurine earrings stones.
Besides the attractive outer appearance of Aventurine stones, you’ll also reap good energy from it. This stunning gem is known as the “Stone of Opportunity” and is also considered as one of the luckiest stones to ever exist. It said to have properties that attract fortune and luck. Its winning energy and spiritual properties will greatly benefit you in any aspect of your life- be it financially or health-wise.
You’ll find a wide range of shapes and forms in this collection. Featuring some flower-shaped Aventurine earrings stones, you’ll get a glimpse of what this gemstone would look like if it was represented by a soft red hue. But if you’re not into red, green is always a good idea. Available in little round pieces, these green Aventurine earrings stones reflect light beautifully with its luminescent finish.
Make every DIY and jewelry-making session an exciting experience with our various Aventurine earrings stones. Each stone was polished and produced carefully to cater to every fashionista’s delight.
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