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Car Charms

Aside from premium-quality beautiful body embellishments like necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, our shop also has car charms to offer our customers. These car charms are created not only to attract luck, but also to attract the eyes of onlookers by its undeniable splendor. We say, our car charms are charms in two meanings--physical, for its aesthetic, and metaphysical, for the luck and the good energy it releases.
One car charm usually features one semi-precious stone type, typically that with very good metaphysical properties and benefits as per gem experts. The way such stone is cut and shaped (into beads) and attached together fashionably in a tassel are what make our car charms even more interesting. In one car charm are different dainty shapes and cuts of one semi-precious stone. These are arranged and put together so that its overall car charm appearance would just blend well with whatever car interior and would not appear funny and distracting. The stones are also arranged and bound together properly so they hold and do not fall off with impacts and outside pressure.
Among the exciting shapes featured in our car charms are round, pod, tower, teardrop, chess pieces, leaf and flower among others. These are shaped meticulously as their (small) size requires, and most of them are polished nicely.
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