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Carved animal pendant stone

Carved animal pendants are many people’s choice in order to make their passion or even their characteristics known to others. For example, one could wear a dog-shaped pendant to show their love for dogs. Others,  though, wear carved animal pendants for plainly for fashion.
Our collection of carved animal pendants features various animal shapes, and are available in different sizes and gem types, so we could assure that our customers would find the one that suits their demands and desires well--whether it be for a personal pendant that represent themselves, or for a fashion style they want to flaunt. All of them are specially carved and crafted by our own skilled gem cutters, so the pendants’ [best] quality is guaranteed. Some carved animal pendants follow exactly the shape of the animal being copied--like he wolf head--but some are carved within a geometrically-shaped gemstone that serves as the backdrop--like the butterfly pendant. Other exciting animal carvings include dragon, fish, horse, lizard, tortoise, mouse, rabbit and many more. They are also available in different colors, depending on the gem type used, and in different quantities including singles, pairs and in sets.
Among our best-selling carved animal pendant stones include butterfly and wolf head.
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