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What can be much cooler than embellishing yourself and wearing exciting gemstone shapes and forms? There are a lot of fancy shapes that gemstones can be cut into, and they are undeniably pieces of eye candies. However, there are fancier forms that these gemstones can also appear as, and they are referred to as carvings. These fancier forms need the ultimate knack in achieving them. Here at My Gem Garden, our primary concern is to provide our patrons the best gemstone pieces that they need without having to compromise either our products’ aesthetics or their durability; which is why, we only manufacture our products from premium-quality semi-precious stones, with the most creative and skillful hands.
Gemstone carving is a more complex way of turning the actual gem-quality stones into fashionable jewelry pieces. Not only are excellent carving skills needed in making magnificent carved pieces, but also the materials that are conducive and ideal for making them. Our shop has a set of stones used for our carvings. These include Agate, Amazonite, Chrysoprase, Jasper, Labradorite, Obsidian, Opal, Quartz and Turquoise. Compared to the conventional gemstone shapes and designs--like basic round, oval, square, rectangle and triangle shapes and the like, carvings are more attractive and popular as they appear in more exciting forms.
Our shop offers many carved gemstone forms, with over a thousand varieties to choose from. Exciting color and pattern combinations usually paint our unique gemstone shapes, which are carved to take the forms of animals in the wild, insects, flowers, and even human figures. Our main sculpted animal shapes include bear, bird, owl, eagle, cat, lion, tiger, dog, fox, wolf, frog and lizard. Other carvings also include women figures and Buddha. All the products in this collection are meticulously hand-carved to ensure their quality. Carving by hand has also proven to be more effective in achieving even the littlest details and specifics for the particular sculpture shape that is wished to be achieved. They also come in different sizes--the smallest being 11 - 15 mm, while the biggest being at at least 51 mm. There are also more than 30 gemstone types that our on-hand carvings are made of. However, should you desire to have a stone specially carved according to your requested form or shape, we also offer gemstone carving customization service. Our shop’s gemstone carvings are carved with sophistication, because we believe that every piece is a representation of the one who wears it and they deserve to be carved perfectly in order to tell exactly about the person’s soul.
Be it in making jewelries as presents or for business, gemstone carvings are always a good buy. Because of their exciting forms and appearance, partnered with magnificent play of colors and patterns, carved gemstones will make perfect additions to anyone’s jewelry collections. Our best-selling carving is the wolf head which has over 200 varieties in stock.
Most of our carvings are perfect for pendant-making, but relatively small ones are suitable for making earrings, rings, bracelets and other jewelries. We also have animal figurines for ornamental purposes.
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