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Chrysocolla earrings stone

Shop Chrysocolla drilled earrings stone pairs for Chrysocolla earrings design or making.
Chrysocolla gemstones are a variety of copper minerals that have attractive light green to deep green (and even blue green to blue) shades. Among the gemstones available in the market, natural Chrysocolla is considered to be one of the most fragile and delicate types, requiring professional gem-cutting/shaping and carving skills for it to be used in making jewelry pieces, especially earrings.
Our shop has 34 varieties of Chrysocolla earring stones to choose from. Most of which have light green, deep green and blue green hues that are considered to be the more durable variety of Chrysocolla (scoring from at least 6 in the Mohs scale) unlike its bluish counterparts. We also have unique reddish brown varieties of the stone, with beautiful patterns and patches, in stock. Apart from the interesting color schemes, our Chrysocolla earring stones come in different textures--smoothly polished, fashionably rough, and skillfully carved--and shapes like oval, water droplet, leaf-shaped, marquise, rectangular, specially-carved owl & flower pieces, and many more.
Because of its beautiful patterns and color combinations in one stone, Chrysocolla earring stones are a good aesthetic embellishment; and our shop offers the best of its type. All earring stones also have holes in them so assembling it into pairs of earrings is just very convenient.
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