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Chrysoprase earrings stone

Shop Chrysoprase drilled earrings stone pairs for Chrysoprase earrings design or making.
Meaning “golden apple” or “golden leek”, Chrysoprase (sometimes called Chrysophrase or Chrysoprasus) is a variety of chalcedony--a cryptocrystalline form of silica--which apple green to deep green color results from the significant contents of nickel in it. Whether used in making necklace pendants, bracelets, earrings or other jewelries, Chrysoprase stones make astonishing pieces. Aside from their intrinsic beauty, these stones are also relatively durable, with a hardness level of 7 in the Mohs scale.
Our collection of Chrysoprase earring stones re available in 21 distinct varieties. We have varieties with deep green and streaks of brown, as well as bright and apple green varieties. Those with deeper green hues are good for making vintage-styled earrings, while those with lighter green hues help make earrings appear livelier and easily attract attention.
And as the old saying goes, “In symmetry, there’s beauty”, most of the stone’s earring pairs available in our shop come in perfectly symmetrical pairs. However, current trends on fashion have also given way to the emergence of more exciting earring styles, particularly the mismatched and asymmetrical--which we also have in our collection! Uniquely, we also offer Chrysoprase earring stones with dominant brown shades.
Chrysoprase stones are sensitive to sunlight & heat, so it is important to keep them off from prolonged exposure to the aforementioned factors.
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