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Coral earrings stone

Shop natural Coral drilled earrings stone pairs for Coral earrings design or making.
An organic gemstone it is considered, Coral is not a mined stone nor a mineral--but the result of secretions made by polyp-bearing marine animals living in the entire stretch of waters and oceans around the world. They are naturally matte in texture and are skeleton-like, and they range from white to blood red hues. Coral stone jewellery suits well with and enhances feminine fashion.
With approximately 52 earring stone varieties to choose from, our shop offers matte, highly-polished and delicately-carved Coral earring stones with colors ranging from off white, bright orange, red orange and blue. They also come in different and interesting shapes such as starfish, water droplet, wing, butterfly and many others. Among the highly valued Coral stones that we have on hand is the Red Coral gemstone, which is famous for its brilliant and attractive color that could easily captivate the eyes of onlookers. We also have fossil Coral earring stones which seem to have been etched with various interesting patterns. All our Coral earring stones are dainty pieces that are perfect for earrings to pair your laid-back, summer and/or coachella getup.
Aside from its beauty, the Coral stones also have health benefits. It is said that the white variety of this stone curbs all blood-related diseases.
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