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Cufflinks are jewelry pieces that fasten shirt cuffs. They stand as fancy alternative to buttons, and can be made from a variety of materials including leather, glass, metals and most commonly gemstones.
Our cufflinks are made from high-quality gem crystals. They are polished nicely into beautiful glassy luster and are meticulously attached in sterling silver bezels. These silver holders do not only prevent the stones from falling off; their genuine spark and shimmer adds to the overall beauty of the cufflinks.
Generally, cufflinks are small; but we could also make tailor-made once for customers who would request to have them cufflinks according to their desired size and to make it more personalized. Our on hand shapes include round, oval, rectangle and square. Most of the round-shaped ones have domed faces, but a few also have flat surfaces. Square cufflinks, on one hand, can have more complex and sophisticated designs on it because of the symmetrical advantage of the shape.
Aside from being of premium quality, we also make sure that the stones that we use in making our cufflinks exhibit attractive display of patterns and color combinations. Depending on the occasion they are needed to be worn, our cufflinks range from light to dark tones; therefore giving our customers a number of options to choose from. 
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