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All our earrings are made of 925 Sterling Silver and Natural Gemstones.
Our earring collection is a collection of fascinating earring pairs that are crafted with creativity, sophistication and quality. They usually come in splendid drop styles, but we also have a few stud-type earrings with stunning semi-precious stones.
The earring stones that we use are cut and polished into beautiful shapes, to cater to both drop and stud earrings. Our earring pairs are made to stand out, with either sterling silver or gold ear wires that they are made of--with some of which delicately shaped into exciting and complicated wire shapes. Aside from the natural beauty of the stones themselves, the silver and gold wires add to the overall attractiveness with their spark and shimmer. The stones’ nice polished give them a glassy luster that makes its surface look very clean and highlights their unique, beautiful patterns and color play.
For formal occasions, our stud earrings are a perfect choice. They are mostly made of gemstones that shimmer greatly when hit by light. These stones are highly polished into vitreous luster, and are secured in bezels to avoid them from falling off. Elegant combinations of stones are also featured in these stud-type earring pieces.
Whether for formal or casual occasions, we got just the right earring pairs for our customers: dazzling drop and dangle earrings, and stunning stud-style ones.
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