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Faceted cabochons

Shop Faceted Cabochons gemstones for jewelry making, natural Faceted semi precious stones Cabochons for sale online.
Although cabochons are usually highly-polished, dome-shaped gems that are not faceted, they can also be cut and shaped into special designs, for special occasions; and among the creative ways of cutting them is to make them into faceted cabochons. Our faceted cabochon collection features gemstones that are skillfully cut to have several flat surfaces called ‘facets’, and they come in different sizes, colors and shapes.
While plain cabochon helps gemstones appear much fuller and denser, a faceted cabochon is designed to enhance the gemstone’s depth and light reflection capacity to give it a more brilliant and sparkling look. Our shop offers a wide selection of faceted cabochons to suit your taste and style, and if you want to have an exclusive sparkly and brilliant jewelry collection, these faceted cabochons are surely a must-have.
Aside from being eye candies, faceted cabochons also have profound energy healing property which is not affected by its faceted design. It is important to note, though, that these dainty pieces are not like beads that have holes. In order to secure them, they can be carefully glued in a flat surface or be wrapped in a wire. You may also negotiate for us to drill a hole in your cabochons when you purchase them in single, pair or multiple quantities.
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