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Feather earrings stone

Our feather-shaped earring stones are mostly characterized by nice patterns, color combination and color patches. Because we wanted them to look the closest resemblance of real feathers, they are carved well and delicately by our own professional and creative gem cutters so that no detail gets left off.
Whether you like it transparent or opaque, solid-colored, with multiple tones or sheen, our feather earring stones collection has a wide selection of options for your various jewelry-making needs. They are also available in different sizes to make sure we have choices to offer you depending on your size preference.
Among our best-selling feather earring stones include those with sheen effect, black and white color combinations, and nice grape tone. There are over 10 gemstone types that our feather stone earrings are made from, so whichever shade, gradient or color our customers like, we surely have them for them. They are also nicely polished so the edges would not cause any bother to the wearers.
Usually coming in perfectly symmetrical shapes, these earring stone pieces might not have the same color patterns - but this is what makes them special and beautiful. They have already been holed at the top, making them very suitable for making drop earrings.
Should you want your feather earring stones be made from other crystals aside from the ones we have on hand, we could also customize an order for you.
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