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Fish earrings stone

One of the many exciting earring stone designs offered in our shop is the fish-shaped. This is a unique design that is more personal than other designs as it is usually a representation of the person wearing it - usually their hobby, particularly fish breeders or those who just like fish a lot. If your element is water, this earring stone shape is also just fitting for you.
Available in different sizes, our fish earring stones are made from different high-quality semi-precious gemstones. Depending on the gem type, our fish earring stones can be either drusy or perfectly smooth, and they can also either be opaque or translucent & transparent.
What is interesting with our fish earring stones collection is that it does not only feature ‘typical’ fish shapes. It also includes other fish and sea-related designs like the whale tails, seahorse, and fingerling-like ones. Most of them have beautiful patterns and patches, and are multicolored. These characteristics make these earring stones even more attractive. A lot of pieces in this collection have shades of mixed brown, yellow, gray and red which make them perfect for making vintage earring pairs.
Already holed, our fish earring stones are perfect for making dainty drop earrings. Aesthetic is always our shop’s main end. The convenience our customers could get from the already-drilled stones is just a bonus.
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