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Flower earrings stone

There is always something in floral designs that pulls them closer to every fashion and style-conscious heart. To experts, each flower has its own unique meaning, which is something other people consider. However, with or without knowledge of these metaphysical properties, floral designs are always among the top picks, especially when talking about making fashionable earring pairs.
Our flower earring stones collection features creatively and carefully carved semi-precious gemstones that come in different shades, sizes and presentation. There are pieces that have flower shapes, while there are also others that look like small carved flowers within cylindrical (base) shapes. Solid colors are available, but most of our flower earring stones are multicolored and have beautiful streaks and patches.
Our flower earring stones are made from top-of-the-line gemstones, so they are guaranteed to have the best quality - both in terms of durability and aesthetics. We have a wide array of gem types that our on hand flower earring stones are made from, but our customers could still choose their preferred gemstone should they want their earring stones be customized. Opaque or transparent and translucent, smooth or drusy, we got them all for you.
We have also already drilled our flower earring stones. Top drills make these pieces perfect for making drop earrings, while the ones with holes at the center are good for making earring pairs that are attached similarly like stud earrings.
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