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Fluorite earrings stone

Shop natural Fluorite drilled earrings stone pairs for Fluorite drop earrings design or making.
Transparency is one of this stone’s determining qualities. Fluorite is naturally transparent but impurities make the stone exhibit almost all colors of the spectrum. Most likely, the stone appears in tinges of lilac, purple, green, pink, blue, golden-yellow, and brown. This semi-precious stone has conventionally vitreous luster when polished, but it becomes dull and cloudy if in massive amounts. Gem-quality Fluorite stones are a pretty sight when made into various body embellishments and jewelries, but because of its relative softness, jewelries that do not take strong abrasions when worn are highly suitable. Earrings, for example, are among a few.
Our Fluorite earrings stones come in different sizes, shapes and saturation. Most of them are in beautiful transparent tones, with impurities that are fashionably appearing as dainty streaks and patterns that add to the overall appeal of the stones. Either polished into vitreous or cloudy luster, or into fashionable druzy textures, our Fluorite earrings stones are all pieces of art. Our best-sellers include diamond prism-shaped in druzy texture, flower, teardrop, triangular, rectangular and tie shapes among others. Small and compact stones can be made into clutch-back earrings, while elongated are perfect for drop or dangled.
Fluorite earrings stones are good for people who need excellent learning aid and utmost concentration. The stone’s transparency signalizes its ability to clear the mind of its wearer.
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