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Fossil cabochons

Shop Fossil Cabochons gemstones for jewelry design or making, natural Fossil Cabochons loose stones for sale online.
Probably one of the coolest and most interesting cabochons used in the jewelry-making industry, Fossil cabochons are truly dainty pieces of art. These are cabochons with lots of shape, color, and texture options. Molded through time by weather and other elemental forces, their beautiful patterns are like a hodgepodge of uniquely preserved creatures’ shapes in tiny stones--from fossils of extinct marine mollusc animals deep down the ocean beds to plant and dinosaur bone fossils on the ground.
Our collection offers Fossil cabochons in faceted, dome and semi-dome varieties, different shapes--that cover both plain and fancy shapes, and various textures and color saturation. The largest in number are the ammonite fossil cabochon varieties which have beautiful marine mollusc animal patterns that usually contain beige, orange and brown patches in them just like our coral fossil cabochons. We also have exquisite wood fossil--with black streaks and patterns, and rare dinosaur bone fossil cabochons in stock. Most of the pieces in this collection are smooth and shiny, but we also have those with relatively matte textures.
Not only do Fossil cabochons create a fashionable vintage look to any jewelry piece they are being used in. Their patterns also give an impression of tranquility and strength to whoever wears them.
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