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Fossil earrings stone

Shop natural Fossil drilled earrings stone pairs for Fossil drop earrings design or making.
Available in perfectly symmetrical and identical pairs, as well as mix-and-match and mismatched style, are our Fossil earring stones that come in various exciting shapes, sizes and tone configurations. Fossil stones are semi-precious gemstones used in making earth-toned earring pairs which have interesting remnant imprints of animals, plants, microbes, and other creatures and objects. These imprints are what make the Fossil stone appear beautifully patched and patterned.
Our collection of Fossil earring stones feature drilled earring stones in usually beige, brown--light and dark--black and grey hues. Some of them are highly polished for a glassy luster, yet some are just slightly polished to preserve the stone’s druziness. Among our available shapes are tie, slice, stick, snail shell, starfish, tear dop, wing and basic geometrical shapes like round, trapezoid, triangle, and rectangle. Some of our popular Fossil earring stones are coral and ammonite Fossil stones with unique coral and ammonite [marine animals that lived during the Jurassic period] imprints and patterns that are truly pieces of preserved and vintage eye candies. Pieces in this collection are also either translucent or opaque, of which we have a wide selection of options for you not to run out of choices.
Fossil stones are said to be a good grounding stone for embracing change with security, and are perfect for improving one’s intuition.
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