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Filter gemstones by Size, Shape, Color and Gemtype, by using the PRODUCT FLITERS. This will enable you to find the perfect gemstones for your jewelry. We also offer customized services and wholesale services too.
MyGemGarden is your one-stop store for premium quality and natural semi-precious gemstones for all your jewelry-making needs. With over a thousand options to choose from, our shop offers loose gemstones--Cabochons, CarvingsEarring stones, Pendant stones, and many more--that are in different sizes, shapes and saturation perfect for making any jewellery masterpiece. Our semi-precious gemstone collections feature top-of-the-line stones in various types and kinds, and in different cuts and textures. As not all semi-precious stones are durable, with relatively low levels of hardness on the Mohs scale, we make sure that they are shaped and carved meticulously and with utmost care by professional gem cutters, so that we are able to provide durable yet resplendent and fashionable gemstones.
Gemstones are considered to be one of the main materials in making jewelry pieces. They can be precious, fine or semi-precious, and they can both come from mineral crystals or organic materials like rocks. But, no matter what gemstones are from, they definitely are all lovely and filled with beauty. In the jewelry industry, the value of gemstones are influenced by several factors including the quality of the stones--that usually pertains to their durability, color and overall appearance--their condition, whether they are with defects or not, the demand level, and their availability in the market--whether it is a common stone that is relatively easy to find and which supply is just abundant, or a rare one.
We got the best selection (all here) for you--with more than 50 main gemstone types to choose from, from cabochons, earring stones, carvings to pendant stones, and each gemstone type has sub-varieties to choose from that are mostly classified by their color presentations and pattern habits. Our most common simple shapes include oval, round, rectangle, teardrop and triangle, while the complicated--and maybe the more exciting--ones include animal shapes (like dog, wolf, lion, tiger and horse) and other shapes that are like minute and gem versions of the nature (like flowers and leaves and so much more--you just have to easily browse through our page and tick for your desired gemstone specifications including gem type, size, shape and color). Whether it is a common gemstone or a rare one, we have both finds available for our customers. Among our best-selling gemstone types are Turquoise, Jasper, Agate, Labradorite, Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli.
All our gemstone pieces are at reasonable prices, with our products available in single, by-pair, multiple and wholesale purchases, with an extra 20% off on your first checkout. We also have gemstone customization services for customers who would want their stones tailor-made. Our gemstone suppliers are topnotch to guarantee our customers that any item that is purchased from our shop is of premium quality, and that every transaction done with us is always worth every penny. Our gemstones are thoroughly examined and are well taken care of to prevent issues with stone dents and color fading or discoloration. We value our customers’ satisfaction as much as how jewelry designers put value on every (jewelry) piece they make, which is why we only aim for giving only the best--in both our products and our services.
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