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Goldstone earrings stone

Shop Goldstone drilled earrings stone pairs for Goldstone drop earrings design or making.
Goldstone is a man-made glass gemstone popularly used in making semi-precious jewelry pieces like necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings because of its stunning glittery appearance. The stone’s sparkling characteristic--that is brought about by the stones copper flecks--make it an attraction. Although Goldstone is relatively soft, with a hardness score comparable to Turquoise [5.5], skilled gem-cutters polish and carve it into dainty cabochons, beads and other loose stones.
Our shop offers Goldstone earring stones elongated triangular shape and in midnight blue hue. This earring stone pair is perfect for making classy drop earrings that could accentuate a simple look on both casual and formal occasions. The glittery inclusions featured in the stone add up to its overall aesthetics. Because of its elongated and slender triangular shape, our blue Goldstone earring stones are perfect for round-faced beauties.
Blue Goldstone is believed to be a positive stone with uplifting properties. In fact, it is named as “The Stone of Ambition” by gem experts. It is said that this stone is a stone of confidence and drive, and is perfect for those who want to achieve their goals and dreams as it motivates and aids its wearer in reaching them.
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