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Heart cabochons

Shop Heart Cabochons gemstones for jewelry making, natural Heart shaped semi precious stones Cabochons for sale online.
Our heart cabochons are carefully and meticulously polished to give a soft and smooth texture and feel to those who are wearing them. We offer a wide array of choices for you to choose from, including the kind of gemstone that you want to be used, the size and actual weight of the heart cabochons, the color, and whether it is a plainly-polished cabochon or a faceted one. Whether it is a something that you want to use for its amazing health benefits, or just something you want to wear to add vibrance and color to your overall look, or even both, we offer several picks for you.
These cabochons are skillfully cut into perfect heart shapes, so that each of them appears sophisticated even when closely examined. These pieces are perfect for casual and formal occasions, and are a good addition to your dainty jewelry collection.
Like other cabochons, these need to be securely attached into a preferably flat surface to keep it from falling off. However, our shop also offers free hole drilling services to customers who want to purchase these dainty cabochons. They can be purchased in single, pair or multiple quantities at affordable prices, with a 20% discount on your first shop order / transaction.
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