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Hemimorphite cabochons

Shop Hemimorphite Cabochons gemstones for jewelry design or making, Hemimorphite Cabochons loose stones for sale online.
A rare gem-quality form of zinc silicate, Hemimorphite is a uniquely attractive stone to gem collectors and jewelry designers especially when it is well-crystallized. Usually appearing in light hues, ranging from colorless and beige to blue, Hemimorphite can also present itself in light brown and greenish colors--but light blue is the most popular and widely used color in jewelry-making. This stone is relatively smooth compared to other gemstones, with a hardness level of 4.5 to 5 in the Mohs scale, and needs to be carefully and skillfully cut into beads, cabochons and pendants to create magnificent jewelry pieces.
Our shop offers two top-of-the-line varieties of lustrous Hemimorphite cabochons that are in powder blue shades, and in fancy pear and half cylinder shapes. All cabochons in this collection are translucent, although they may appear to have semi-opaque appearance if not hit by light. Its powder blue color, with very light patches of green, brown and grey, are soothing to the eyes and very elegant. Moreover, these powder blue-colored Hemomorphite cabochons give more emphasis to the fair-skinned, and at the same time, highlights the adventurous and outgoing soul of the tanned. These can also be used in different jewelry pieces, especially bracelets and earrings, and can suit both men and women.
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