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Hemimorphite earrings stone

Shop natural Hemimorphite drilled earrings stone pairs for Hemimorphite drop earrings design or making.
Our semi-precious Hemimorphite earring stones come in oval and in an irregular shape that looks a lot like an inverted merlion. Both pairs come in powdery blue saturation with pretty little white and black streaks and patches. These earring stones may appear a bit dull and cloudy, but they may exhibit beautiful translucency when hit by light. The oval-shaped Hemimorphite earring stone pair is highly polished with glassy luster, while the inverted merlion-shaped one is just slightly polished in order to give its irregular shape more appeal through its fashionable druziness. These earring stones are also soothing to the onlookers’ eyes because of their pastel blue tone. Hemimorphite stones are unique, which healing and aesthetic properties attract many jewelry makers and collectors. Druzy loose Hemimorphite stones are said to be highly sought after by many jewelers because of its unique beauty and appeal. According to gem experts, these stones are also good in stabilizing the body’s hormonal functions and are good for treating disorders relating to blood. Whether used alone as drop earring stones, or be mixed with other dark-hued stones for a beautiful contrasting effect in an earring assemblage, our Hemimorphite earring stones are all a dazzling must-have. These do not only suit formal occasions. Interestingly, these pale blue-toned earring stones can accentuate a woman’s summer or coachella getup.
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