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Howlite earrings stone

Shop natural Howlite drilled earrings stone pairs for Howlite drop earrings design or making.
One of the widely used and most popular gemstones that are usually tumbled or polished, Howlite is a white-colored inexpensive stone used in making different jewelry pieces and ornaments including necklaces, bracelets, brooches and most especially, earrings. The stone is relatively soft, with a hardness score of about 3.5 on the Mohs scale, and is inherently porous. Such properties are what enable Howlite stones to be easily dyed in order to make loose stones of different vibrant and attractive colors, even imitating the colors of other semi-precious stones--Turquoise for example.
Our Howlite earrings stones collection comes in different exciting shades and shapes, but are mostly elongated and earth-toned. The shapes include tie, teardrop, stick and distorted triangle and rectangle. Featured are Howlite earrings stones in a combination of earth-colored patches of brown, dark brown and white that are perfect for achieving a vintage look or a more laid-back style (like that in Coachella or a boho-themed occasion). An elegant all-white stick-shaped pair of Howlite earrings stones could also accentuate a formal getup of whatever hue as color white is a safe and perfect match for just any color. All earrings stones in this collection are skilfully polished and have beautiful opaque appearance.
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