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Jade earrings stone

Shop natural Jade drilled earrings stone pairs for drop Jade earrings design or making.
Our Jade earrings stone feature top-of-the-line Jade stones delicately carved into different shapes and in different hues ranging from colorless / white to dark and deep green. Whether your pick is an elegant pair, or the laid-back, or something that would make you look all giddy, we got a wide selection of exciting shapes to suit your choice. A pair of fish Jade earring stones in translucent light green or a pair of flower-shaped stones in deep green is perfect for any woman to channel the child in her, with the stones’ playful shape and dainty size. Elongated ones that come in teardrop, distorted triangle, rectangle, marquise, and trapezoid shapes in hues including colorless, deep green, white, and green and with beautiful patches and streaks perfectly suit any laid-back getup, while those with plain deep green colors are just right for formal occasions. A delicately carved pair of colorless Nephrite Jade earring stones in circular shape with two dragon heads that seemingly meet halfway is also a featured piece in our shop. Another interesting shape in this collection is the leaf.
Jade earring stones are perfect for those who wish for good luck to come in a lightweight yet beautiful embellishment, something that keeps both utility and fashion altogether. This stone is not only a symbol of growth and wealth. It is also considered as a protective stone that keeps its wearer away from danger.
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