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Jasper cabochons

Shop Jasper Cabochons gemstones for jewelry design or making, natural Jasper Cabochons loose stones for sale online.
Jasper is one of the world’s renowned gemstones, which is famous for its interesting and exciting appearance. It is the opaque variety of Chalcedony that appears mostly as a spotted, striped, or stringed stone and sometimes speckled with different tinge. Beautiful and unique pattern habits are what usually describe Jasper stones and such characteristics make them attractive and popular. However,they can also feature plain solid tones, which are equally pieces of beauty. The stone is relatively inexpensive in the jewelry and gemstone market. Usually in yellow, brown and hues of red, Jasper stones can be polished and carved into dainty cabochons to be used in making various jewelry pieces--bracelets and many more.
Our shop offers over a hundred varieties of semi-precious Jasper cabochons for all jewelry designers’ and collectors’ jewelry-making needs. They come in different tinctures--most of them with unique patterns and marks--and in different exciting shapes and sizes. Our popular Jasper materials include chohua Jasper, frog eye Jasper, leopard skin Jasper, mookaite Jasper, multicolor picasso Jasper, mushroom Jasper, ocean Jasper, picture Jasper, red river Jasper, unakite Jasper, us biggs Jasper, wave Jasper. Among our fancy-shaped Jasper cabochons are the lip-shaped and the prism-shaped ones.
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