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Jasper earrings stone

Shop natural Jasper drilled earrings stone pairs for Jasper drop earrings design or making.
Jasper is a popular gemstone used in making both designer and craft jewelries. It usually appears as a red--which is the most common saturation due to the stone’s iron content--brown, yellow, orange, black, grey, white or green stone with a fashionable opaque characteristic. Most often, Jasper appears as mottled, ringed, dotted or striped, but it can also exhibit a plain solid saturation. Jasper can also come in a hue of blue, but such tone is rare. The stone’s unique and enticing color habits and patterns make it famous to jewelry makers, designers, collectors, as well as gem and jewelry enthusiasts. Because it is a relatively hard stone--with a hardness level ranging from 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale--Jasper is usually polished, cut and made into beads, cabochons, pendants, brooches and the likes to be used in making signature jewelry pieces including necklaces, rings, bracelets, and most importantly, earrings.
Our Jasper earrings stones come in different sizes, shapes and saturation. We offer a wide array of earrings stones with premium quality and exciting formations, colors and patterns. Among our popular Jasper materials are chohua Jasper, frog eye Jasper, leopard skin Jasper, mookaite Jasper, multicolor picasso Jasper, mushroom Jasper, ocean Jasper, picture Jasper, poppy Jasper, rainbow Jasper, red river Jasper, unakite Jasper, us biggs Jasper and wave Jasper. With the creative knack of our very own gem-cutters, our Jasper earrings stone collection features a wide selection of exciting earrings stone shapes and carvings: fish, feather, flower, horse, leaf, starfish, butterfly, cross, bird, owl,eagle, towers, sea horse, tie, and basic geometrical shapes to name some. Most of our Jasper earrings stone pieces come in perfectly symmetrical and identical pairs, but like our other earrings stone collections, we also offer Jasper earrings stones for any mismatched styling--like the Nugget Ocean Jasper. Pieces in this collection are polished, but not all were polished into vitreous luster. Some do not have glassy luster as we believe that there is also beauty and excitement in the slightly rough-textured ones. Our Jasper earrings stones are perfect for accentuating either a vintage or a summer-styled fashion--or even both--by crafting them into drop earrings. Aside from earrings pairs with pure Jasper stones, we also have Jasper stones mixed with other semi-precious stones in one drop earrings string like our Jasper and Lapis Lazuli combi, which colors perfectly compliment each other. Our specially-carved flower earrings stones appear almost solid-toned, as well as our Red River pair. Featured is also a pair of rainbow Jasper earrings stones mottled with black, yellow,green and blue.
If you are looking for both beauty and quality, Our store is your answer. We have already drilled our resplendent Jasper earrings stones for your convenience. Aside from the available on-hand shapes and sizes of our Jasper earrings stones, you can also request your items to be tailor-made just for you. For any woman who wants a head-turner that does not only accentuate her face but also the entire style she is wearing, our earrings stones are probably what you exactly need. Our Jasper earrings stones would surely add up to your vintage and outgoing look.
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