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Kyanite earrings stone

Shop natural Kyanite drilled earrings stone pairs for drop Kyanite earrings design or making.
Our Kyanite earring stones come in beautiful and mostly elongated forms that are perfect for making drop earrings. We only have two variations under this collection : blue and green Kyanite earring stones, with pretty streaks of white or black. All stones are skilfully polished with some even having fashionably rough edges and faces to emphasize a more daring style that is good for the trending mismatched earring pair fashion statement . Mostly, though, come in perfectly symmetrical pairs that are nicely polished. Because of the Kyanite’s relative transparency, its unique elongated and bladed crystal behavior is highlighted, making it even more attractive. Our Kyanite earring stones also appear to have a nice sheen effect. They also come in exciting shapes including marquise, oval, rectangle, teardrop, stick, and in dainty raw forms.
Earring pairs made of Kyanite stones are relatively durable, as aside from the fact that earrings are jewelries that receive lesser impacts compared to other ornaments and jewelry pieces, the stone also scores at least 5 on the Mohs scale. According the gem experts, Kyanite stones are good for people who want to maintain and enhance their focus and inner balance, and are also known to be good healing stones.
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