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Labradorite earrings stone

Among the many interesting features of our Labradorite earrings stones is its metallic sheen tinge. Some may contain only a small trace while some may have more, but such sheen tincture is there to add twist and fashion to the stones. Mostly polished highly into vitreous luster, our Labradorite earrings stones collection come in different sizes and shapes--all cut and carved meticulously by our own professional gem cutters. You can easily check out for either smooth-surfaced earrings stones or faceted ones, or if you are looking for cool forms aside from simple geometrical shapes, an easy page navigation is what you only need.
Feather, flower, horse, leaf, tie, slice, teardrop and stick are just a few of our exciting Labradorite earrings stone designs alongside our plain geometrical shape choices--including oval, rectangle, round, triangle & trapezoid--and they are all carved with utmost creativity and skills. Other fancy shapes in this collection include obelisk, elongated hexagon and a pair of antique jar-looking stones that are all suitable for making drop earrings.
Aside from its inherent and unique splendor brought about by the stone’s iridescent play of colors, Labradorite is also believed to be a stone for enhancing one’s intuitive skills and psychic abilities.
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