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Lapis Lazuli earrings stone

One of our premium-quality earrings stone collections with vibrant colors is our Lapis Lazuli. Famous for its brilliant blue saturation, our Lapis earrings stones have beautiful patches and patterns that add to their aesthetics. Although most pieces in this collection come in perfectly symmetrical pairs, we also offer mismatched pairs that are equally fashionable and magnificent. Like our other earrings stones collections, plain geometrical shapes--like oval, rectangle, round and triangle--are always part of our “go-to” shape options. Yet, as our Lapis Lazuli earrings stones collection is among the largely-numbered, we also have a wide selection of fancy shapes. These include heart, marquise, teardrop, slice, flower, leaf, dough roller, diamond, cone, fang-shaped, 2D semi-obelisk and those which look like semi-crescent moon. Most of our Lapis earrings stones have nicely-polished and smooth faces, but we also have raw ones with creative rough edges that never gets out of style.
These vibrant blue-colored earrings stones are perfect for a summer or a casual getup with complementary colors or white. Most of these, as well, have holes at the top which makes them very good for making drop earrings. Whether you are into craft jewellery or a craft jewelry enthusiast that makes DIY pieces, making drop earrings with these kind of dainty stones is surely easy and enjoyable.
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