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Malachite earrings stone

Ever wanted to look elegant and casual at the same time? Our Malachite earrings stones may be what you are looking for. The stone’s deep green saturation that has beautiful bands of other gradients of green--that range from light to dark--and white is what makes it very exquisite and attractive. Polished creatively and nicely by our skilled gem cutters, these Malachite earrings stones are available in different sophisticated shapes and sizes, but mostly in much elongated forms that are perfect for making gorgeous drop earrings.
Among our Malachite earrings stone shapes are marquise, oval, teardrop, triangle, and some shapes that look like distorted diamonds and spear. The stone’s softness--with a hardness score that plays around 3.5 to 4 on the Mohs scale--makes it very easy to work with, especially when cutting, shaping and carving them into various shapes of your choice--should you request your Malachite earrings stones be tailor-made just for you. The stone’s rich opaque green appearance is also perfect for a vintage getup.
According to gem experts, Malachite stones bear favorable benefits to its wearer, especially women. They regulate menstrual cycles, ease cramps and even aid a woman in labor. The stone is also associated with the zodiac signs Capricorn and Scorpio, and are perfect to be crafted into hand-made presents.
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