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Moonstone earrings stone

Our Moonstone earrings stones are a classic beauty, and they never go out of style. Whether they are worn on casual days or on formal occasions, they just seem to fit in. Characterized by a pearly and opalescent schiller, these Moonstones exhibit magnificent views from below the surface of the gemstone when passed by light, and this is what makes these stones attractive and wonderful.
Available in translucent with blue hues and in cloudy / milky appearance with magnificent inner light presence, our Moonstone earrings stones come in different exciting shapes. Beautifully patched with usually white streaks, these shapes include oval, rectangle, teardrop, slice, and other fancy shapes characterized by slightly jagged edges that signify the stone’s potential to be used in making the trending mismatched earrings style . All are polished neatly in order to highlight the stone’s inherent wondrous beauty. Our best-selling Moonstone earrings stones are mostly nugget Moonstones with fashionable jagged edges and dainty streaks of white, making them look like acid-washed denims.
It is said that Moonstones symbolize fertility and sensuality. They are stones of good luck associated with one’s romantic desire, and were, in fact, given as presents to lovers in the ancient times. They are also good for those who want to enhance their intuitive skills and shrug off negativity.
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