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Obsidian earrings stone

You can never go wrong with black. Probably one of the most elegant earrings stones there are in the gem and jewellery industry, Obsidian possesses a dashing black color. Naturally, it has a glassy luster which is even enhanced when polished.
Our Obsidian earrings stones are available in two major variations : the ones with all solid black saturation and the ones with dainty snowflake patches in them. There are also a very few multicolored ones with small patches of yellow and grey. These earrings stones also come in many unique shapes and sizes, and all of them are fashionably and skillfully crafted and carved by our own jewelry designers and gem cutters. Among our popular Obsidian earrings stone shapes are feather, stick, slice, marquise, oval, rectangle, teardrop, trapezoid, triangle, and other fancy and specially carved forms including chili, diamond and elongated barrels which are also some of out best-sellers.
Our Obsidian earrings stones are safe for any occasion and can perfectly suit any getup, as black complements just any color in the spectrum. Because of the stone’s relative softness (with a score of 5.5 on the Mohs scale), many gem and jewelry artists are able to carve it into small sculptures and carvings with sophisticated shapes. As we have our own gem cutters, you can request for custom-made earrings stone shapes, should your desired design be unavailable on our list.
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