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Opal earrings stone

Shop natural Opal drilled earrings stone pairs for Opal drop earrings design or making.
Since the ancient times, Opal has consistently awed its wearers and onlookers with beauty and unique splendor. Popular for its role in making dainty cabochons, beads and other loose gemstones for use in creating spectacular jewelry pieces, Opal is considered one of the most popular gemstones to jewelry-makers, designers, collectors and in the jewelry-making industry as a whole. The stone is categorized based on its appearance: precious Opals,which are a rare find, are those that exhibit a phenomenon known as the “play of colors” or the flashing of colors within the stone, while common Opals are those which lack such. Some Opal stones, especially the common ones, also display ‘opalescence’ or the pearly luster of a common Opal. However wonderful this stone’s appearance can be, Opal is a relatively soft stone with a hardness level of 5.5 to 6 on the Mohs scale. Several jewelry pieces can be made out of this stone, but Opal is perfectly suitable for making brooches, pendants and earrings--jewelries that do not receive significant impact and abrasion.
Our shop offers top-notch Opal stones for all your earring-making needs. Coming in various sizes ranging from 11 mm to 50 mm, our popular Opal earrings stones include arborization Opal, blue Opal, boulder Opal, green Opal, pink Opal, and yellow Opal in different exciting shapes and carvings. Our featured Opal earrings stones include specially carved leaf-shaped stones and oval-shaped ones that are perfect for making dazzling drop earrings. Other best-selling items under this collection come in creative shapes such as flowers, letter L, teardrop, cylindrical, tie, feather, marquise, pointed oval and triangle to name a few. Most of our Opal earrings stones are highly polished, but we also have a few slightly rough ones--like the diamond-shaped and rectangle boulder Opal earrings stones--that have equally magnificent and unique patterns and saturation as its highly polished counterparts. Our green Opal earrings stones are perfect for those who want vintage-styled earrings because of its colors that are a combination of green and other dark-toned earth colors . The arborization Opal earrings stones can also be used for making vintage-styled earrings pairs featuring classy earth tones with beautiful dark patches and streaks of either black or brown that add to its attractiveness. Our pink Opal earrings stones, however appearing so feminine, come in exciting shapes and forms that are perfect for both casual and formal occasions. In vivid blue tincture with usually dainty brown streaks are our blue Opal earrings stones that feature both highly polished and druzy stone choices in various exciting pairs. These stones also are a good choice for any designer’s mismatched-styled earrings set. Our yellow Opal earrings stones are earth-toned choices that have relative translucency and fancy shapes like cone, leaf and teardrop to name a few.
Whether it be as birthday present for an October baby, an addition to a collector’s personalized earrings collection, or a designer’s earrings masterpiece, our Opal earrings stones collection provide a wide array of choices. From attractive drop earrings to those which can just be attached using clutches and disks, our shop got them all for you.
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