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Opalite earrings stone

Probably one of the many interesting crafts made by the clever human hands is the Opalite stone. This man-made glass resin exhibits a striking opalescent appearance, with a luminous blue glow that becomes very visible on dark backdrops. Although Opalite is not natural compared to other semi-precious gemstones, it is still very popular in the gem and jewelry industry as pendant stones, amulets, and earrings. Usually clear to milky, Opalite stone is also popularly known in other names such as Ice Cream Opal, Tiffany Stone, Purple Opal or Opalized Fluorite.
Our opalite earrings stones have beautiful pastel hues and are available in different exciting shapes and forms. Among our best-sellers are comet, a set of dainty Opalite stones in pink, blue, white and green, round, stick, teardrop, compass star and oval among others. Other designs included in this collection are cross, flower, and basic geometrical shapes. Our Opalite earrings stones are already holed and are designed and carved by our own designers and gem cutters, to guarantee our customers that they get fashion, durability and convenience altogether. The As these stones are also lighter compared to other natural semi-precious stones, they are perfect to be used as earrings stones.
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