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Oval cabochons

Buy Oval Cabochons gemstones for jewelry making, natural Oval shaped semi precious stones Cabochons for sale online. 
Our elegant, highly-polished Oval Cabochons come in different sizes, shades and stones in over 200 specifications. The smallest of which measures 6 mm, while the biggest reaches up to more than 51 mm.
This collection features a number of perfectly-shaped oval cabochons in different hues and with beautiful patterns. Our Natural Ammonite Fossil Oval, for example, is perfect for pattern lovers as it is a cornucopia of patterns in one tiny stone. For those who love vintage and earth colors,  we have color schemes like that of Jasper and Fossil Coral available on hand for you. And, if you are someone who loves vibrant tones, we also have shades like that of Charoite and Lapis lazuli in stock. There are approximately 30 types of gemstones that you can choose for your oval cabochons, all of which have patterns beautifully unique to each piece.
Oval cabochons are a good jewelry investment because aside from them being exquisite and classic, oval-shaped jewelries are also believed to be good for physical healing.
Stocks like the Turquise, Jasper, Agate, Labradorite, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli  Oval Gemstone Cabochons are selling fast, so get yours now at either retail (single, by pair or multiple) or wholesale orders before they get sold out.
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