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Pear cabochons

Shop Pear Cabochons gemstones for jewelry making, natural Pear shaped semi precious stone Cabochons for sale online.
Our pear-shaped cabochons uniquely look like water and tear droplets, but just with different sizes and colors. In stock are approximately 200+ items with varying types and patterns. We have transparent (like the Natural Stone Water Drop) and semi-transparent (like the Phantom Quarts Gemstone) types which are perfect for simple jewelry-making, and we also have both plain and multicolored opaque pear cabochons that are equally elegant.
We also have choices for both plainly-polished and faceted cabochons. A few in our collection, in fact, are specially calibrated to have perfect pear shape with two flat faces .
Among our rare pear cabochons are the Pure Manganese Agate Gemstone, Rare East Java Manganese Agate cabochons, and Rare Multicolored Opal Cabochon. These rare cabochons are usually priced higher than others as they are used in making designer jewelries. The lowest-priced pear cabochon in our collection is the Labdradorite flat back variety that can be bought in bulk.
Either you wire wrap or secure them in bezels, these pear-shaped cabochons are a pretty addition to your jewelry collection. More often, these types of cabochons, especially the rare ones, are used as necklace pendants as they appear to perfectly represent simplicity, femininity and masculinity all at once in one dainty stone.
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