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Pendant stones

Pendant stones are gemstones drilled for pendant or necklace design or making. Pendant stones are embellishments that are usually accentuated to necklace pieces in order to give them more exciting touch. They are similar to earring stones in such a way that both are loose gemstones, however most pendant stones are way heavier and bigger. Pendant stones come in different sizes, shapes, colors, patterns and gemstone types.
Our pendant stone collection features over a thousand varieties of premium-quality semi-precious stones with a wide selection of tones, designs, shapes, sizes and stone types. Most of our pendant stones come in simple geometrical shapes like Marquise, Oval, Rectangle, Round, Square, Teardrop, Trapezoid, Triangle, and fancy ones like Tie shape, Slice, Stick, Cross, Leaf. The smallest in our pendant stones collection measures at least 16 mm, while the biggest at at least 51 mm.
We have faceted pendant stones for those who like their pendant pieces more lustrous, plainly convex-faced ones for those who just want it simple and smooth. Roughly textured and partially polished pendant stones are also available for those who want to keep the stones’ druziness and for those who like it unconventional and unique. Pendant stones with solid colors, multiple colors and dainty patterns, and stunning sheen (usually metallic) gradient are also in stock.
There are several ways in using pendant stones. They can be used in other jewelry pieces, but they are most commonly incorporated in a necklace. You can have only one beautiful pendant stone suspended from your necklace, or you can have a few stones suspended beautifully to create a magnificent pendant design as that of a mixed and match style.
The pendant stones available in our shop are already drilled and holed, so that fixing them on a necklace would not be at all difficult. All of our products are also perfect for making fashionably wire wrapped pendants. Moreover, we do front, side and top drilling for our on hand items under this collection. We also provide free drilling and reaming services, especially to tailor-made pendant stones.
With over 40 gemstone types to choose from, any necklace or jewelry designer who would wish to use our pendant stones for their pieces would really have many design options.
The type of pendant stone someone wears can tell a lot about the person, which is why we try to provide our customers a wide selection of choices with the best quality for them to fully express themselves.
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