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Prehnite earrings stone

Among our stunning translucent earrings stones is the Prehnite stone. It usually has a waxy or velvety appearance, usually in light green or pale yellow green colors with tinge of either white or yellow. Our on hand Prehnite earrings stones are available in light green, green and white colors with beautiful streaks and patches of either white or black. The best-selling designs include basic geometrical shapes like oval and round or circles, and fancy ones like teardrop and a shape that looks a lot like the number eight. All of these earrings stones are highly polished with glassy luster, and are holed at the top making it perfect for making drop or dangling earrings pairs. Having a score of 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale, Prehnite is relatively a hard stone making it a durable stone for making any jewellery including earrings.
The Prehnite stone does not only make beautiful and fashionable jewellery pieces that add glam to its wearer. This stone is also famous and highly valued for its metaphysical properties. As like the stone’s soothing light appearance, it bring calmness and peace. It is also considered as the stone for unconditional love, and has primarily been associated with improving one’s memory. If these areas are what you wish to enhance, then our Prehnite earrings stones are what you are looking for.
We also cater to custom-made earrings stone orders, should you want to personalize your stone shapes according to your desired designs.
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