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Pyrite cabochons

Shop Pyrite Cabochons gemstones for jewelry design or making, natural Pyrite Cabochons loose stones for sale online.
Otherwise known as “fool’s gold”, Pyrite is a sulfide mineral with bright metallic luster and commonly brass-yellow saturation. Such hue makes the stone to look a lot like gold with its glittery appearance, especially to those who have very little knowledge about gems. However looking very similar, Pyrite differs from gold as the former comes either as cubes or multifaceted crystals; gold, on the other hand, is usually irregularly shaped. Oftentimes, its brassy-yellow color would have black streaks and small tinges of green in them. As compared to other yellow-toned stones, Pyrite is relatively harder with a hardness score of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale. However, thin pieces of the stone are still prone to breakage, even with a pin pressure.
Our pyrite cabochon collection features Pyrite stone cabochons in distorted cube and round shapes. The distorted cube-shaped cabochons have dull brass appearance, with little parts having tarnished brass patches. The round-shaped cabochon in this collection is a natural white Quartz with visible Pyrite traces. All our Pyrite cabochons exhibit beautiful druziness that not only adds emphasis to the cabochons’ texture, but also highlights the metallic luster of the stone.
Although Pyrite is prone to oxidation, which may worry jewelry makers a lot, Pyrite cabochons are still a good addition to any jewelry collection when properly dried up and taken care of.
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