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Pyrite earrings stone

Our Pyrite earrings stones come in either smooth metallic or beautiful raw textures, yet both are uniquely fashionable and glamorous. Available in designs like marquise, triangle, tie and in its raw [nugget] form [which, in our stock, also looks like a distorted cube], these earrings stones come in black, brown, gray and in multiple colors. Our collection features Pyrite stone’s inherent brassy or metallic appearance, except for the ones that are a mixture of both Pyrite and Quartz and the Iron Pyrite earrings stones [that have a relatively opaque appearance]. These stones are particularly a perfect match to a vintage or formal getup because of its appearance. Also, our Pyrite earrings stones’ drop or dangle orientation tends to highlight the beauty of the stone and captivates more onlookers.
Pyrite is often mistaken for a gold because of its metallic brassy appearance, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the “fool’s gold”. Aside from its stunning metallic appearance, Pyrite is also a relatively durable stone with a hardness level of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, which makes it a good jewellery addition pick, especially earrings. The stone also has quite a number of good metaphysical properties, including protection, boosting intelligence, and healing--even including a man’s impotence or a woman’s infertility--which makes it even popular among gem and jewelry designers and collectors.
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