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Quartz cabochons

Shop Quartz Cabochons gemstones for jewelry design or making, natural Quartz Cabochons loose stones for sale online.
Hailed as the widely distributed and most abundant mineral on the Earth’s crust, Quartz is usually a water-clear stone that is made up of silicon and oxygen. It is a durable stone that has a hardness score of 7 on the Mohs scale, and can withstand chemical and mechanical weathering. Interestingly, [traces 5 of] Quartz can be found in almost every type of rock. Although Quartz is typically water-clear, the stone is also available in other tinctures including yellow, white, brown, gray, black, green, purple, pink and red--basically, in almost all colors in the color wheel. Because of its inherent resplendence and durability, Quartz is a famous stone used in the jewelry-making industry, especially in making cabochons and beads that are used in creating different wonderful jewelry pieces.
We offer a wide selection of Quartz cabochons for all our customers’ jewelry-making needs. In stock are choices of faceted and slightly domed cabochons, that come in either smooth or drusy textures. Our Quartz cabochons also come in interesting shapes, including simple geometrical shapes and many more. Among our featured cabochons under this collection is the white Quartz cabochon in teardrop shape, which is fashionably carved to look a like a teardrop-shaped pineapple with its many eyes. Other rare cabochons in this collection are gold rutilated and phantom Quartz cabochons.
Quartz crystals are believed to have very good healing properties.
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