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Quartz earrings stone

Quartz earrings stones are probably one of the oldest and most popular in the gem industry, yet its beauty has never gone out of style. Because Quartz is one of the hardest gemstones and has the most varieties of color, habits and forms, a lot of fashionable jewellery can be made from it, most especially dainty earrings pairs, that are surely made to last.
Our Quartz earrings stones and of premium quality and are available in different colors, designs and shapes, sizes and texture. Although Quartz is famous for its glassy and smooth luster, we created a twist and crafted fashionably roughed faces that are equally stunning and eye-catching. Among our on-hand colors are black, brown, white, gray, green, orange, pink, purple, white and combination of colors [multicolored]. Some of our Quartz earrings stones resemble and are combined with other semi-precious stones like Amethyst, Pyrite and Rose Quartz. Some have domed faces, yet some are also faceted.
Among our best-sellers are volcano cherry Quartz in triangle shape, hexagon-shaped, tie-shaped and the marquise-shaped and the almost-crystal-shaped Quartz earrings stones to name a few. These stones are available in other exciting designs like teardrop, flower, leaf, pineapple, cones, holed distorted jar, Buddha and many more--everything for you to discover by yourself by just easily scrolling through our page.
Aside from its innate beauty, Quartz is also known to be good for unleashing and enhancing one’s hidden talents, and directs its wearer in using these gifts effectively.
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