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Raw cabochons

If there is one thing that raw cabochons have in common, it probably is their fashionably rough textures and appearance. Most raw cabochons are dainty pieces of stones which are not polished into close to perfect smoothness as their innate rawness as gemstones are already as beautiful as their polished counterparts. Usually, raw cabochons are the language of the daring and those who are not afraid to take risks in wearing their fashion statements. Most likely, these are styles which include the new trending mix-and-match fashion.
Our shop has a wide selection of raw cabochons to choose from. These cabochons are made from premium quality stones which, although mostly not polished perfectly, are delicately cut into smaller pieces to fit any jewellery making needs--such as making bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, especially those that come in pairs. Raw cabochons are able to flaunt the crystal structure of the gemstones, which make them appear glittery and very appealing. They are also available in transparent, translucent and opaque varieties, and also in different colors and tones--you just have to choose from the gem types used.
Interestingly, the metaphysical and healing properties of usual gemstones are not diminished even when they are in their raw state.
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