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Raw earrings stone

Shape is probably one thing that raw earrings stones are barely known for, but having mostly irregularly-shaped appearance is actually their design--and it does not lag behind their ‘perfectly shaped’ counterparts. These earrings stones do not need much work and accentuation to stand out, as their inherent beauty is in itself sufficient for the earrings stones to be recognized.
Cut into dainty pieces just enough to let their unique crystal habit and beautiful drusiness be shown, our raw earrings stones are made from high-quality semi-precious gemstones. Although not polished highly--into either smooth domed or faceted faces--our raw earrings stones are slightly polished to ensure that the natural sharp texture of their crystal and rawness do not harm their wearer. These earrings stones are perfect for making mix and match earrings pairs as a pair would, in most cases, feature two asymmetrical stones. Opaque or transparent (or translucent), our collection has a lot to offer to our customers.
When you are fond of patterns, you would surely like our raw earrings stones as these pieces exhibit unique patterns, especially those formed by their crystal habits.
Among our best-sellers are the tourmaline, drusy agate, chrysocolla and garnet to name a few.
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